Our female entrepreneurs

Karen Rumble, President And Founder Of Adrenal

Karen Rumble, President and founder of Adrenal

«I have accepted the challenge to support the Heelium entrepreneures in selling their products in the US market. I think that I understand well the challenges for a woman starting a business».
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Maïa Wallis, Founder Partner Of “Au Coin De La Rue” Based In Montreal

Maïa Wallis, founder partner of “Au Coin de la Rue” based in Montreal

Artistic director and founder partner of “Au Coin de la Rue” in Montreal, design infographic society created in 2014.
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Paule Bourbonnais, Founder Of “reference Design” Based In Montreal

Paule Bourbonnais, founder of “reference design” based in Montreal

At the age of 23, when I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree, I already felt strongly compelled to meet people‘s specific needs through their environment or objects.
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Marie-Li Crête, Founder Of “Minbøk” Based In Montreal

Marie-Li Crête, founder of “Minbøk” based in Montreal

Marie-Li is from the vibrant city of Montreal. As long as she can remember, she has always had a passion for the stark yet functional aesthetic of Scandinavian design.
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Gina Soreta, Founder Of “Heelium Producers Cooperative” Based In The Philippines

Gina Soreta, founder of “Heelium Producers Cooperative” based in the Philippines

Gina, a single mother of four, lives in the South Cotabato, a region of the Philippines.
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